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5 Reasons to Take a Florida Staycation


Florida may be familiar to you, but what about ocean views? What about miles of award winning beaches and art deco architecture and a private balcony overlooking the most desirable stretch of land north of Miami? Though you might not find any of this in your own backyard, that’s what a weekend getaway is for. 

As you well know, Florida is a place most people come to vacation. A place where they can escape the colder weather and familiarity of their hometowns. You have the blessing of already living in an oasis. But is living in Florida the same thing as experiencing all the trip-worthy attractions? We say no. 

That’s why a Florida staycation should be on your radar. It’s all the excuse you need to live like a tourist, if only for a few days. Marvel at the wonders in your own home state, and even fall in love with a destination you can actually return to. Discover five more reasons why you should take your next vacation a little closer to home. 

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It’s Paradise Without the Air Travel

When you vacation within state lines, you also forego the air travel and the chaos that comes with it. No long lines, no security checkpoints, no potential for delays and cancellations. Think of all the stress you’d save if you instead drove to Miami Beach or Key West or one of the surrounding beach communities, like Hollywood. 

Not only would you be saving stress, but you’d also be cashing it in for more time spent actually on vacation. Everyone knows a getaway doesn’t start until the plane hits the tarmac, but if you embark on a staycation your feet are already on the ground. Pass the time you’d otherwise be flying sidling up to a tiki bar, indulging in spa treatments, or simply reacquainting yourself with the South Florida you thought you already knew.

You’ll Still Have the Resort Experience

Though you can put the money you’ll save by skipping air travel right back in your pocket, you can also spread the love by splurging on other areas of your vacation. If you travel to some far away place, you’ll likely skimp on things like accommodations because you won’t spend much time in the room anyway. 

When you staycation, you can do one better. Luxuriate in a resort, maybe even one with views of the ocean and the city. Whether it’s a spacious suite or well-appointed guest rooms, you won’t have to feel guilty for indulging in the resort experience because you’re already somewhat familiar with the local area. Many resorts also offer exclusive resident offers so you can experience your locale, and all the amenities that come with it, at an unbeatable locals-only rate.

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Explore A New Locale

You may reside in the state of Florida and think that you’re familiar with everything your state has to offer. The reality, though, is that understanding every square inch is pretty unlikely. Florida spans 65,755 square miles with a population of 21.3 million as of the 2018 census. That’s a lot of places and a lot of people who can elevate your understanding of your own state.

By embarking on a Florida staycation, you not only get a break from your day-to-day, but you also get a peek into the day-to-day of fellow Floridians. Get a feel for what it’s like to wake up beside the beach. Explore life along the Intracoastal Waterway. Dance like a local at a Miami nightclub. Through experiences like these, you stand to gain an even deeper appreciation for your home.

You Can Travel When Tourists Don’t

As someone who lives in Florida, you know what it’s like to have your city overrun by out-of-towners. You also know that even though Florida is a great year-round destination, out-of-towners prefer some seasons over others. Let them have spring and fall, and take advantage of the time in between when tourists are few and far between.

Since you’re already acclimated to Florida’s weather patterns, you won’t be put off by a little humidity or a few summer showers. That means you can explore when the travelers don’t, giving you undisturbed access to sites that are usually overrun. Take your pick of spots on the beach or seats on the water taxi tours and enjoy the stillness that the Florida coast can be outside of high season. 

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You Can Keep Coming Back

Plan a trip around the world or even across the country, and that trip may be the only vacation you take to that destination in your lifetime. After you’ve tasted that destination’s best eateries and sunned on that coast’s best beaches, you’ll hop on a plane and say goodbye to it all. What if vacations didn’t have to be that way? If you staycation, they won’t be. 

Whether you hit South Beach or Palm Beach or anywhere in between, you can go back as often as you want to. You can recreate the memories you made there, or fall more in love with the destination every time you go. You can make a tradition, instead of enjoying a singular escape. One-time-only dream trips have their value, but so do those you can frequent at every stage of your life.

Give yourself the opportunity to rediscover Florida. You may be from here, but that doesn’t mean you’ve seen all there is to see. And even if you have, there’s no harm in taking another drive through your home state to re-experience everything that makes it unique. People from around the world vacation in Florida for a reason. Reconnect to those reasons with a rejuvenating staycation of your own.

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